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How to fulfill a data subjects modification request

When a user uses the Data Access Gateway to request a modification of their personal data you will receive an email notification from Dataships. You can also view and action these requests in the Control Panel.

To Fulfil a Modification Request

  1. Login to your Dataships account via the Control Panel (here):
    1. Enter your e-mail address in the Email field and click Continue.
    2. Enter your password in the Password field and click Sign in.
  2. Click Inbox. It can be found towards the top left of the screen along the menu bar.
  3. By default, you will be on the Custom Request page. Switch to the Modification Request page. 
  4. Under the Pending Requests section, you see all Modification Requests that are awaiting your action. Click on the Details beside the request you want to view.
  5. Under the Action Required section you will see a table with the following columns; field name, old value, new value, and action. There may be multiple rows in the table if the data subjects have requested multiple fields to be updated/modified. Please note that only tools that do not support data updates will be listed here. 
  6. As these tools do not support data updates you are required to log in to the external system. e.g. CashCalc. We recommend you do this on a new tab. 
  7. Log in to the external tool and go to the users details or profile section and change the data subjects personal data as requested under the Action Required section in the Control Panel. You are required to change the "field name" from the Old value to the New value.  
  8. Switch back to Dataships Control Panel and click the Mark as Done button accordingly. A popup modal will open which requires your confirmation.  
  9. Continue Steps 6 and 7 until the Modification Request has no other fields that need to be updated. 

Please note that your Dataships Privacy Center Data Access Gateway allows your users to update their personal data themselves. However, some integrations do not support this data update and in these instances you will have to manually login to the external tool and modify the users' data fields as requested.