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How do Dataships make sure that the information presented in the consent collection widget to the customer doesn’t contradict any information in my company’s privacy policy?

When a company signs up to Dataships, one of the onboarding steps is to share a link to their privacy policy.  In this step, Dataships highlights that it is the company’s responsibility to ensure that their privacy policy is up to date and compliant with data privacy laws.  

In the days after a company has completed onboarding the Dataships product, Dataships follows up with some additional set up instructions via email.  These instructions again highlight the company’s responsibility to have a compliant privacy policy, as well as some simple steps to align their privacy policy with the marketing information presented in the consent collection mechanism.  Dataships also offers to provide companies with an up-to-date privacy policy or to review their privacy policy for them and let them know if any amendments are required.