How to disable automatic cookie blocking

You can disable automatic cookie blocking for a specific script by following the instructions below

If the Dataships cookie banner blocks a certain script on your website then this is likely due to our scanner determining that the blocked script is responsible for setting one or more cookies on your website, which needs to be prevented until consent has been given. 

There are situations where you may need the script to execute regardless of consent and have employed alternative ways of ensuring that the cookies are only set after consent has been obtained.

You can exclude a specific script from the control of automatic blocking functionality by adding an attribute to your script tag with the name data-cookieconsent and the value "ignore"

Example: data-cookieconsent="ignore"


You should not use this attribute arbitrarily though. Any element that has this attribute can set tracking without the user's consent. If you have any queries on this please reach out to your Customer Success Manager before making any changes.