Are my websites cookie practices compliant?

There are four common non-compliant practices including easily ignored banners, reliance on implied consent, accept only banners, and pre-checked boxes.

The 4 most common non-compliant cookie practices are as follows:

1. Banners that are easily collapsed or ignored. This means banners that pop up when a user lands on a website and which subsequently disappear when a user scrolls, without any further engagement by the user with the banner or with information about cookies.

2. Banners that rely on ‘implied consent’. This means that wording in your cookie banner or notice which inform users that, “by their continued use of your website – either through clicking, using or scrolling it - that you will assume their consent to set cookies”.

3. ‘Accept only’ banners. This mean a banner that merely gives the user the option to click ‘accept’ to say yes to cookies and which provides no other option – e.g. banners with buttons that read ‘ok, got it!’ or ‘I understand’.

4. Pre-checked boxes. This means using a cookies consent tool that has pre-checked boxes, sliders or other tools set to ‘ON’ by default to signal a user’s consent to the use of cookies.